A Struggle for Independence

For the past couple months, I have kept up with my goals. I have tried to read about 30 pages or an hour everyday, however, it has been difficult to do that recently because of AP exams. I'm challenging myself with this book by making time to read it because it's also helping me understand some aspects of world history. I started my AP title a few weeks ago and I'm almost finished. I choseA Doll's Houseby Henrik Ibsen because it's about the struggles of Victorian middle-class marriage and it's written as a play, so I can decipher the feelings of the characters, instead of the author explaining them to me. This book has 122 pages, but it's a hard read with difficult vocabulary and syntax, so it has taken me a little while longer to finish. 
A Doll's House has given me interesting insight into the Victorian times and it was filled with thought-provoking lessons and morals. One of these lessons that stood out the most was when Nora realizes that her marriag…

An Audacity to Appreciate

Fortunately, I have been keeping up with my goal of making more time for reading. In the past week, I've read everyday for about an hour and almost completed 389 pages of the new novel that I started called Gone by Stacy Claflin. I'm challenging myself through this read by increasing the number of pages I read in a day and by pushing through the slow, boring parts, instead of abandoning the book because the ending or the overall message of the book could be worth waiting for. To further my reading, I plan to read at least 25 pages per day and tackle some genres that I usually don't read, like Sci-Fi and Fantasy, in order to experience new things.
Gone is about a teenage girl, Macy, who gets catfished on an online dating website and kidnapped by an older man; the book revolves around her journey to escape. While her kidnapper takes her to a hidden location, Macy is offered a greasy cheeseburger as her only meal, however "she wasn't going to eat his burger and let th…

My Passion's Revival

Hi! I'm Ashrita, a sophomore at Hebron High School. Throughout my childhood, my passion for reading flourished. I used to read whenever I got a chance; I zoomed through series after series and tackled shelves by shelves in the local library. There was never a day that went by that I didn't read before going to bed. However, as I grew older and busier with an increasing work load at school and extra-curricular activities, I found less time to read. Soon, I barely read at all and gradually pulled away from it until now. Recently, I found a book that I really connected with and it reminded me of the satisfaction I felt as a child. My goal is to make more time to read by utilizing my free time, instead of watching Netflix or going to the mall. I hope to finish at least one book every two weeks, choosing genres that I enjoy, like romance and mystery. Specifically, I want to read the series by Scott Westerfield that include the titles, Pretties, Uglies, Extras, and Specials. Also, I…